We offer flax towels in three sizes. Cutting the material is made in the zero waste way.

You may order the towels according the size or whole set of three sizes at once.

30x50cm 6,95 Eur

75x50cm 11,95 Eur

75x150cm 22,45Eur

set of 3-each size one 39,95Eur

Weight 320gr/m2

Washing 60°C, iron on „two dots“, can be use drayer.

Chemical cleaning is not suggested.

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Do you know, where in Europe is grown the cotton?

The flax is grown almost everywhere. There is log tradition on whole Europe area. The flax is very durable and useful plant.

You can use everything from the flax: seeds for consumption, the stem and roots for textile as well as for other useful products. Material similar plast can be made from it. Most probably you have already hear about flax soap, oils or cosmethic products.

Today, flax is experiencing a renaissance. It is used to make comfortable clothes, utility items, linen, towels, larger towels, bath towels, or a set of three towels of different sizes : )

Linen textiles are stronger than cotton because the fibers are thicker and tougher. They last longer, they don’t mind the high temperature and the softer they get. Let´s order and try it.